ArmaShield Protectant

ArmaShield Universal Protectant™ is the shine industry’s first truly high-tech, all season, any surface protectant.  
ArmaShield was developed to shine* and provide ultimate environmental protection to all of your expensive outdoor equipment from your motor home to your kayak, protection for your camp tent to golf cart, motorcycle and ATV.  ArmaShield is spray-on defense for all your stuff. 
ArmaShield maintains and helps restore the new look and feel of virtually all surfaces from metal to plastic, rubber to masonry and wood. ArmaShield provides the industry’s highest resistance to the sun’s UV rays while also providing a water/soil resistant “shield” that protects your vehicle finish from road grime and bugs.
ArmaShield will keep patio furniture looking showroom new year after year.  ArmaShield Keep outdoor fabrics from soiling and fading.  Keep concrete and all types of siding clean and mildew/algae free with a simple spray on treatment.  ArmaShield will even stop the unsightly staining and smell caused by mold and mildew in lockers, on bath and shower enclosures as well as sports and hunting clothing. 

 For the ultimate protection on all of your stuff, ArmaShield it!

* A shine will only develop on products manufactured with glossy surfaces.  All other surfaces will attain the luster/finish as the manufacturer designed into the product

Here are some of the many things ArmaShield can do:


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