Our Products

We all know that the equipment we use outdoors simply ages faster. The predominant cause of damage to items such as paint, fiberglass, hard plastics and fabrics is ultra violet radiation and microbial attack. This exposure can damage or destroy affected items up to 10 times faster than if they were kept under cover and dry.


The staff here at Dynovatech being consumers like you, used to experience this problem as well. In an effort to minimize the effects of sun, water and soiling, our chemists started working on a solution to the problem over 10 years ago with the idea of developing a simple to use, economical protectant. To this end we have succeeded. Using a proprietary blend of hi-tech polymers we develop products that offer the latest in ultra violet blocking technology as well as surface sealants that reject dirt, water and staining, all this without affecting the natural luster or finish of the treated item. In fact our products enhance and richen the color and luster or those items.


In addition to our great line of protectants, we also produce a great aid to the modern fisherman. Our Line & Lure Conditioner provides better casting distance and control for any fisherman. Click on the logos below to learn more.

clearTANK Logo Protect all your outdoor gear with with ArmaShield.
BTS Logo BTS - The ultimate in boat care!
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