Bow to Stern® Protectant "BTS"

BTS Protectant is the industry's first one step surface conditioner that safeguards your valuable investment from the costly damage caused by exposure to the elements as well as the unpleasant effects of mold and mildew staining and their related odors.


BTS Protectant's "spray and wipe" polymer technology leaves no chalky build-up unlike waxes and requires little labor to apply. BTS can be used to protect and beautify most surfaces including fiberglass, gelcoat, plastic, metal, carpet, leather, painted surfaces and wood and is ideal for keeping vinyl seats soft and supple for years.


The BTS Formula was created as a time saving "all in one" conditioner specifically for the harsh environmental conditions of the Florida seacoast where sun, salt corrosion and mold and mildew cost consumers millions of dollars property damage yearly.


BTS Protection is long lasting, requiring retreating every few months not every few weeks as with other products. The oil free formula is not slippery and will not stain other materials that treated surfaces may come into contact with.


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